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Possession Partner



Your full-service eviction management solution.

Possession Partner is the only complete solution that offers comprehensive case management and innovative software to deliver valuable visibility, efficient case processing, and significant time savings. Schedule a demo with our experts today! ​

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Due Diligence Done​

We work with best-in-class attorneys to prepare and file the necessary documents. Next, our team keeps you informed on the progress of your case with regular status updates and communications. Finally, Possession Partner ensures that evictions are compliant, organized, and completed—professionally, proactively, and transparently.

We provide peace of mind with:

We coordinate the communications, paperwork, and filing between the property, our best-in-class eviction attorneys, and the court.

Through all the stages of an eviction, you have team dedicated to keeping you informed and the process on track. We document what needs to happen, when it needs to happen, and who has the responsibility to act.

Our simple interface keeps you up-to-date on our progress with your case, providing visibility and tracking of every action at every step.

Features of
possession partner

Possession Partner acts as a central point between all of the parties necessary to perform an eviction in a fraction of the time. With seamless integration to your current database, your property managers and regional managers reduce time filing and track the status of evictions across all your properties.