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Resident Interface Newsletter Q4

2021 - Q4

Looking Back on 2021

While the uncertainty of the pandemic and installing COVID-19 protocols dominated 2020, the big question for multifamily in 2021 was evictions. When would evictions resume following months of moratoriums? How inundated would operators be when eviction moratoriums were finally lifted? How would the industry respond?

Fortunately, when the door finally closed on federal eviction moratoriums, it didn’t slam as loudly as many in multifamily expected. And at Resident Interface, we’re proud to be part of the reason that the return of evictions has been manageable for apartment operators.

Launching a new brand during a pandemic is no small feat, but the timing was right for both our company and the industry. If there has been a silver lining to COVID-19, perhaps it has been the empathy and understanding demonstrated toward renters, and the willingness of operators to work alongside residents through trying times. That’s what Resident Interface is all about, working with renters and operators for mutually beneficial outcomes.

As state and municipal eviction restrictions continue to come off the books in the new year, and evictions once again resume a regular role in property management, the process won’t feel the same. Eviction practices have been forever changed, and for the better. What has emerged is a resident-focused environment that preemptively addresses the issue of delinquency.

As we look forward into 2022 and beyond, Resident Interface is poised to serve as the model for a reshaped industry. An industry focused on being proactive, instead of reactive; an industry tailored to meet the needs of both the resident and the operator; and an industry primed to leverage technology in ways never before. And we’re excited to lead the way.


Eviction Tech Makes a Bad Situation Better

Evictions are an unfortunate reality in multifamily, but technology solutions like ClickNotices (acquired by Hunter Warfield in June 2020, and now part of Resident Advocate) are helping to make the process as smooth as possible. By providing property owners and agents with a shared dashboard to prepare, deliver and track late rent notices, necessary legal documents are always accessible. The ClickNotices dashboard also improves communication between operators and residents.

Read the full Propmodo article, here.


  • Inconsistency Plagues Eviction EfficiencyWithout timely and consistently executed eviction processes in place, property managers could face revenue loss, property devaluation or even legal repercussions. Fortunately, by adhering to corporate policies and timelines, and a few best practices around eviction procedures, property managers can turn the eviction process into an operational asset.Complete article here
  • Efficiency Time to Automate EvictionWhy aren’t evictions automated? Why does the process rely on onsite associates who are too busy to effectively stay on top of delinquency and disinclined to engage in evictions in the first place? Property teams shouldn’t have to scramble to produce notice verification, rent ledgers and lease agreements each time a resident misses a rent payment. A system that keeps those files ready to deploy and automatically initiates the eviction process would be invaluable to management companies. Complete article here
  • Top Causes of Eviction DelaysCorporate policies almost always indicate an initiation date for eviction in cases of delinquent payment. But those policies are irrelevant if property teams aren’t consistent with their notification and filing practices. Documentation errors or missing paperwork can also set the process back, as do operators who overvalue occupancy and extend non-paying renters. By shedding the pre-pandemic approach to evictions, operators can expedite evictions and maximize revenue.Complete article here


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