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Resident Interface Newsletter 2022 – Q2

Newsletter - 2022Q2

A few words from Hunter Warfield’s President – Jeff Gartland

As the country starts to realize a post-pandemic economy, the world of collections is facing new challenges and it requires a shift in the way we do business. When the pandemic had a grip on the nation, liquidity was injected into the system by government stimulus programs, enhanced unemployment benefits and shutdowns that made discretionary spending difficult. Many residents found themselves with cash on hand. As a result, Hunter Warfield was able to recover an extensive amount of revenue for its clients.

The nation is now facing increasing inflation, fuel prices and rental rates. Without the extra influx of cash from public programs, renters are dealing with new stresses, and they’ve begun to tighten their belts. Our platform enables owner/operators to better identify the financial needs of residents and offer meaningful solutions, which creates a win-win. Our system also furnishes owner/operators, regional managers and on-site associates with actionable data and analysis to better understand how their properties are performing when it comes to evictions.

Courts have always given little leeway with errors in eviction filings, and that’s more so the case in today’s environment. With the lifting of eviction moratoriums and backlogs, some jurisdictions allow eviction cases to be filed only one day per week. The slightest error, such as a misspelled name or an incorrect address, means the case will need to be filed again, resulting in additional lost revenue. We have the technological tools in place, as well as legal counsel, to make sure those costly errors don’t take place.

Jeff Gartland

Many of those errors are unintentional, and the result of leaving evictions to be handled by onsite associates. Many, many multifamily communities are facing hiring and retention issues and associates already have more than enough to do maintaining relationships with current residents and establishing new ones with prospects. The animosity that can be created with an eviction goes against the nature of leasing teams and adds unnecessary stress.

Easing the stress isn’t just our goal for clients, we also strive to do that for their residents as well. We’ve set up our technology and services to allow them to handle their accounts in a manner that’s most comfortable for them, whether online or speaking to one of our highly-skilled service reps. We take the time to explain their situation, the consequences that can result and the options for resolution that are available.

Technology has helped the multifamily industry in so many ways. Proptech has improved the leasing process. Maintenance tech makes it easier for those teams to address the needs of residents. Eviction tech, if you will, is the next natural progression to make that process easier and increase the odds of revenue recovery. Owner/operators should seize this opportunity at a time when it’s critical for the industry, just as they did when the pandemic made Proptech more important.

Across the entire organization, Resident Interface employs exceptional people who excel in their roles. And, we’re not just looking to get the job done. Resident Interface wants to develop partnerships that allow our organization and owner/operators to learn from each other in order to offer the best way to address delinquencies in any environment. 

Change is a constant, and that will always be the case for the multifamily industry and delinquencies. We want to be the partner that helps navigate the complicated process of evictions, now and into the future.


RI staff represented in a BIG way at Apartmentalize!

The Sales and Marketing team attended Apartmentalize  in San Diego in June. The team met with association staff and prospects while highlighting our delinquency management services, including: Resident Advocate, Possession Partner, Resident PreCollect, and our legacy brand Hunter Warfield. Thanks for a memorable week in San Diego! 



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